Shooting - Hunting Targets 

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Decorative wall plaques - wall decor


charming "old world" wall decor, custom crafted and hand painted with landscapes, still life, 

portraits paintings, wildlife, hunting scene ...   If your have an unique idea how you would like 

to have your commemorative plaque painted,... a great hunting experience - the biggest catch etc.

Personalized wedding plaques - anniversary etc. 

We will created your personalized wall plaque. In a banner we can add name, date, 

location or any sayings.

Customized hunting gifts for your family room - wind cellar - game room etc.

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Decorative wall plaques 



Plaques are available in 16" - 20" - 24" - 30" and 36 inches

prices starting from 145.00 USD

A few examples of traditional  European shooting targets

painted about 1712  to  1871 

See also our personalized hunting plaques

Click on pictures to enlarge and for more info - order your wall plaque 

barrel lid art, wall plaque with wedding portrait

Personalized wedding plaques - 

custom wedding portrait painting 

24 inch wooden plaque

 barrel lid art, wall plaque with bow hunter

Bow hunting target - custom portrait

 for 50. birthday 

on 20  inch wooden barrel lid

 barrel lid art, wall plaque with dancing bears

Dancing Bears - wine barrel lid

barrel lid art, wall plaque with cabin

Willkommen - Welcome

Barrel lid painting with cabin


aon the ski hill, wall plaque 

On the ski hill  - decorative

wine barrel lid

decorative wall plaques - winter scenery

Wine barrel art- wall plaque

 Enjoyment on ice

decorative wall plaques - lodge decor

Decorative barrel lid with family portrait

Custom designed 

decorative wall plaques - wedding

Custom painted barrel lid - 

 decorative wall plaque 

for wedding gift









         Unique decorative wall plaques - Wine barrel art - Gifts for him and her

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