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( Available in English, Spanish & German )


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published by

"Englisch Verlag" (Germany)


( Available in German only )

 bauernmalerei book 

Hardcover, 80 pages, 8,25 " x 11"

High quality 4 color art print

Bauernmalerei - Basic DVD- Video 

A instructional video art class approx. 

2 h 50 min on 3 discs 

- with very detailed painting instructions. 

Also available as an online painting class.

bauernmalerei DVD

     Decorative Painting Pattern Packets  on CD-R   

bauernmalerei CD

bauernmalerei cd

 Available in 

English, Spanish & German


Bauernmalerei - 

 Decorative painting  

on Furniture


 A collection of decorative 

painted furniture in 

various styles with over

 100 photos and many

 close ups for your reference. 

bauernmalerei cd

bauernmalerei cd

Available in 

English and German


Original - Traditional

 Authentic Bauernmalerei 

Pattern & Furniture


A couple years ago I took many 

pictures in a museum in Austria and from a private collection. It is 

an authentic representation 

of Austrian Folk Art furniture..


Decorative Painting & 

 Bauernmalerei Pattern  


 This book has over 100 pages 

of patterns and full color 

photos waiting for your 

creativity which can be adjusted 

to your desire, by enlarging 

or reducing them. 

bauernmalerei cd


Chest of Drawers

bauernmalerei cd kleister painting



Chest of Drawers 

  with Kleister- Painting


  A very detailed photo 

documentation, with approx. 

50 full size photos from start 

to finish. A step by step 

painting instruction guides you through the whole project. 






Trompe L' oeil windows

 & niches - 


  Three niches - a trompe niche with 

faux painted iron shutters, 

painted on exterior stucco, 

a faux painted window in a niche,

  overlooking a lake scenery, 

and a trompe l'oeil niche with a

 faux painted

 window in hallway.


bauernmalerei dvd faux window niches




About  Us

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Privacy Policy/Ordering

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