Christmas ball ornament with Edelweiss 

 Hand painted  



Personalized custom hand painted art glass ornaments

Unique Christmas ornaments and decorative glass ornaments

Friendship Balls - Pet Portraits - Memorial Ornaments.

Custom ornaments  for weddings - birthday - anniversary - Christmas - corporate gifts 

One-of-a-kind glass ornaments signed by the artist

Christmas ball ornament - hotel

 Custom glass ornaments 

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Custom Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments

Our glass ornaments are individually hand painted by the artists, created with much detail and

 high artistic skills. A touch of European flair, pet & people portraits, house portraits,

portraits of your loved ones or natures wonderful creations are used as motifs, to give every 

glass ornament a warm, unique appearance - works of art - which will be cherished for years 

to come. Of  course there are also many other motifs which can be used all  

year round as delightful decoration or to give a gift of appreciation.

We will design your personal ornament to any occasions - engagement, wedding, 

anniversary  birthday, Christmas, ... any special moment. Or if you like to capture - 

create a memorial ornament of you loved ones.

Because each Christmas ornament is an individually hand painted work of art, 

even if they look alike, they are not the same. 

There will be some very small differences; therefore every   

glass ornament is an original, ornaments come in 3 1/4  and inch in diameter,  

and can be customized with names and date etc.

See a video how our  decorative glass ornaments are created

Portrait ornaments video

Click on pictures to visit individual ornament gallery 

Wild Life & Decorative Glass Ball Ornaments

Decorative glass ball ornaments with wildlife 

Hand painted 

glass  ornaments 

Wildlife Ornaments 

Decorative glass ball ornaments with family crest

Custom painted 

glass ornaments 

Family Crest Ornaments


christmas ball ornament with birds, robin

Hand painted 

decorative ornaments 

Bird Ornaments 


Pet and People Glass Ball Ornament

pet portraits ornament, cat portraits 

Custom  painted  

glass ornaments 

Cat Ornaments

Decorative glass ball ornaments, pet ornament dog

Custom painted 

glass ornaments 

Dog Ornaments

Decorative glass ball ornaments with horse portrait

Custom painted 

glass ornaments 

Horse Ornaments

Decorative glass ball ornaments with wildlife

Custom painted 

glass ornaments 

People Portraits

Decorative glass ball ornaments with children portrait

Custom  painted 

glass ornaments 

Children / Baby Portraits 

Decorative glass ball ornaments with house portrait

Custom  painted 

glass ornaments 

House Portraits 

Wedding - Anniversary - Special Moments Glass Ball Ornament

Decorative glass ball ornaments with wedding portrait

Custom painted glass ornaments 

Engagement - Wedding - 

Anniversary Ornaments

Decorative glass ball ornaments with fisherman

Custom  painted glass ornaments 

Favorite Places Ornaments 



Our exclusive hand painted glass ball ornaments come with a 

certificate of authenticity and are signed by the artist. 

They will be delivered bubble wrapped in a white gift box.

Hand painted glass ball ornaments direct from the artist's studio  






Hand painted glass ornaments- Christmas ornaments - Friendship balls

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