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  MINIATURE PORTRAIT PAINTING - People and Pet Portraits 

miniature portrait painting - vintage portrait

miniature portrait painting - vintage portrait det


Miniature paintings are very detailed and realistic and this will be achieved with tiny brushes used on the 

hard surfaces of ivorine ( synthetic ivory ),  lumasurface, wood panels or canvas.

With expert painting skills and patience the artist creates a likeness of beloved family members, husbands, 

wives and children as well portraits of their pets - horses, dogs or cats.


Miniature art is a unique fine art form - the miniature artist must have unique skill, a good eye, 

hand coordination and discipline to work on a  smaller, more demanding scale to create a sophisticated 

detailed portrait painting. They are between 2 -  5 inches in size.

Please let us know the approx size and surface you like to use for your miniature painting
and with your your provided photo we will be able to give you a price estimate

Ivorine or watercolor paper - available sizes
2" x 3"   -  2" x 4"   -  3" x 3"  -  3" x 4" -  4" x 4"  -  4" x 5"

Canvas - available sizes
3" x 3"   -  4" x 4"

Miniature portraits - memorial portraits - dollhouse portraits





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Miniature portrait painting on ivorine 2 x 3 inch


Miniature portrait painting on ivorine 2 x 3 inch


Custom miniature portrait painting - watercolor paper

Miniature portrait painting - 

watercolor paper   2 x 3 inch

Miniature portrait - unique  portrait painting on canvas


Miniature portrait painting - 

canvas 3 x 4 inch

Miniature portrait painting - cat portrait - miniature art pet portraits

Miniature portrait painting - cat portrait

 3 x 3 inch canvas






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