GERHARD & BAMBI MOUNET LIPP Decorative painter and mural artist - Fine Art   - Rio Rancho, NM- USA


    Besides our mural artistry we also creating unique hand painted gifts. 

    We are a husband and wife team and we just love painting together, our work can be found nationally and internationally.

    Our work can be found in resorts, hotels, restaurants, and many home. We like to point out a few...  The Zermatt Resort in Midway, UT,  Dolce Conference Center Midway, UT,

    Alpine resort in Wyoming, Big White and Sun Peaks Ski Resort in British Columbia, a number of paintings in Deer Valley, Park City and Midway area.

    A series of wall murals for the town of Humboldt in Sask. Canada, and more to come,...


    As well where commissioned to do wall murals and decorative paintings for many homes and businesses in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming.  

    in Canada ( Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan ) as well in Austria and Germany. Our custom orders are shipped world wide!

     It's always been our goal in the 30 years of working in the decorative art field with many private individuals and businesses to give our best to each project. 

     Our work ethic has always been to give the client designs that they really love and that fit beautifully to their living areas


    Numerous times our paintings has been featured in news papers, magazines and on several television stations.

    We would be delighted to hear from you and to present our ideas as to how to add some decorative touch to your home or business, please feel free to

    contact us at...






 From her father, who was a well 

  known fine artist skilled in various

 techniques, and her mother who is

 also a practicing fine artist, 

 Bambi received  the perfect 

 background and love to start and 

 to discover her own creativity.

 A self taught artist,  Bambi enjoys

 painting landscapes, wildlife and 

 still life in oil, as well pencil drawings 

 and pastel.

 Currently she is applying her skills and 

 talent to work on the exterior and 

 interior of homes with decorative

 paintings and wall murals.

 Also a series of colored pencil drawings

 of birds and foxes. Some of her latest 

 works are custom painted portraits of

 people, animals and buildings. 

 You can see her work at 

   mural artist Gerhard & Bambi





 was born into a family of artists ( Linz - Austria ) where techniques and

 skills where handed down from generation to generation. 

 After receiving his college degree in photography, he became 

 interested in traditional folk art paintings on furniture. With assistance

 from several fellow artists he was able to enhance his knowledge of

  folk art painting.

 Becoming a self-taught decorative painter and mural artist

 specialized in mural artistry, decorative painted furniture, and 

 exterior / interior house decoration with wall murals and decorative

 paintings as well as the restoration techniques of decorative painting  

 & furniture. In the recent years Gerhard is enjoying painting custom

 painted family trees coat of arms. He is also author of several

 Bauernmalerei books and Decorative Painting CD-books. books , 

  online painting classes and pattern packets.


 Over many years Gerhard enjoyed teaching folk art paintings in

 art centers, schools and private organizations in Austria, Germany,

 for the O.. Volksbildungswerk, Volkshochschule, WIFI, 

 Bezirksbauernkammer etc. as well in Canada and USA at the 

 National Decorative Painter Convention and for several art shops

 and private organizations. 

 Gerhard has been traveling in several countries participating in

 many multi-cultural events and art shows.


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