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Unique hand painted gifts for any occasion. Commemorative wedding plaques, wedding favors, paintings, 

boxes and plates. Custom wedding & anniversary gifts, a long lasting impression which will last forever.

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Unique personalized wedding - anniversary gifts

  Wall plaques, plates or paintings can include name and 

date, bride and groom pictured in scenic location of the wedding. 

 We also can include a saying, buildings (church, home etc. ), 

a family crest,... anything which you think will be important 

to create a one-of-a-kind wedding or anniversary painting.

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wedding plaque with portrait 

Wedding portrait - wall plaque

family tree plate with portrait painting

Anniversary family tree plate 

w. vintage wedding portrait painting

custom wedding plaque with family portrait

 Wedding wall plaque

wedding box with portrait painting

Wedding box w. wedding portrait painting and ornament design 

custom anniversary plate with family crest

 Anniversary family crest plate

custom engagement glass ornaments

Wedding - anniversary - 

engagement glass ball ornament

wedding portrait glass ornament 

Custom wedding portrait on 

4" glass ball ornament

double family crest ornament

Double crest - wedding crest hand painted on glass ornament

portrait painting anniversary gift

Custom portrait painting for 

25th anniversary 

annyversary family tree

Personalized family tree

50th. anniversary gift

wedding box with coat of arms 

Wedding box - double crest on 

wooden box 

wedding crest

Wedding crest on canvas

or watercolor paper



Customized wedding gifts from the artist studio



Wedding plates & anniversary plaques

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