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 Horse portrait on oval horse plaques 

Customized name plaques with horse portraits 

by Bambi Mounet Lipp


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 Horse name plaques - oval stable / stall signs with horse portrait                 Article # HOPL- oval

detail horse portrait

Oval stable plaque with horse portrait oil painting on soft white stained wooden plaque

oval horse plaque portrait

Hand painted stall plaque with horse portrait - plaque can be personalized with name, date etc. 

 1 or 2 lines 

Horse portraits is painted in high quality with attention to fine detail work.
Plaque is made from solid wood (pine) stained in light oak or soft white and finished with 

several coats of varnish for protection. 

Just  send us   your favorite picture, please use a very clear picture and send it in a large file.
This will help to see all the details which we need to create an excellent horse portrait for you.

Custom sizes on request.


  Price  49.00 USD  7 x 9 inches 

Add text - name etc.


Price  58.00 USD  9 x 12 inches

Add text - name etc.







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